Why Is Carbon Black Not A Dangerous Product?

Many people think that carbon black is a dangerous product. In fact, carbon black is not a dangerous product. This national document clearly states that the carbon black hazard category is not included. So you can be sure that carbon black is not a dangerous product. Why is carbon black not a dangerous product?

Dangerous goods are mainly flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, toxic and other items. Through these aspects, carbon black is not a dangerous product.


1. Carbon black is not a flammable product: carbon black is a product obtained by incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition under conditions of insufficient air. In the production process, it sometimes reaches several hundred degrees Celsius, so carbon black is not flammable at normal temperature, even at 100 degrees Celsius, carbon black will not burn, so carbon black is not flammable.


2. Carbon black is not an explosive product: If carbon black is an explosive product, then production is not very dangerous, and early carbon black refers to people burning animal and vegetable oil, pine branches, collecting black ash from fire smoke, used Modulate ink and black pigment. In this way, carbon black is not an explosive product.


3. Carbon black is not strongly corrosive: so-called corrosive items must be packaged with specific packaging materials, while carbon black packaging is usually made of kraft paper, not within the packaging range of corrosive items, visible carbon black is not strong Corrosive.


4. Carbon black is not toxic: the main chemical component of carbon black is C, which is carbon. The element of carbon is very stable and non-toxic, so carbon black is not a toxic substance.