What Are The Requirements For The Use Of Black Masterbatch

With the rapid development of the color masterbatch industry, the application of black masterbatch is becoming wider and wider, and the process requirements are higher and higher. The professional manufacturer answers to you:

1. when using black masterbatch to tint the injection products, the injection molding machine chooses screw type to avoid the inhomogeneity caused by plasticizing and poor mixing.

2. increasing the extrusion back pressure to improve the mixing effect of the screw can make the black masterbatch disperse more evenly.

3. advanced color and imitation porcelain color must be displayed on the premise that the mold is very bright.

4. in the process of production, if the black masterbatch adheres to the wall of the hopper, the main reason is static electricity, the hopper can be grounded to eliminate the static electricity, and the process will not be affected.