Water-based Ink Selection For Carbon Black

There are many types of inks, physical properties are different, some are very thick, very sticky, and some are quite thin. Its composition can be divided into three parts: the liquid component is called the binder: the solid component is the pigment (pigment or dye) and various additives.


Different inks have different drying methods; different printing processes use different inks; different substrate materials use different inks. The inks are classified according to the drying method of the ink, the different printing processes, and the substrate materials.


The principle of using dark carbon black for water-based inks is that the blackness is good enough, and the structure should not be too low, otherwise the dispersion will be affected, and the content of oxygen-containing groups should be sufficient. Increasing the amount of surface chemisorbed oxygen groups on the surface of the carbon black particles, as these oxygen-containing groups increase, imparts better properties to the carbon black, which not only greatly increases the blackness of the carbon black, but also the Higher levels tend to show better mobility.