The Important Role Of Color Masterbatch

One  Plastic coloring is an indispensable part of plastics industry. Its important significance is to beautify products. The beauty of any commodity depends mainly on its appearance and color, and the harmony and coordination of color realization depends on the implementation of the coloring technology, and the beautiful color gives the enjoyment of the beauty of the art.

Two  The second important use of plastic coloring is the marking effect. It is of practical value to obtain the marking effect through coloring.

For example, the city telephone communication cable conforms to the 10 chromatogram mark of the Munsell color standard, which brings great convenience to the wiring and maintenance; the expressway adopts the striking anti light sign, the traffic police uniform in the daytime using the eye eye yellow and the sanitation worker to use the eye eye orange as the safety mark.

In addition, plastic coloring can also endow plastic with various functions, so as to meet various needs in application.