The Five Characteristics Of Masterbatch Determine The User's Choice

Color masterbatch coloring - A high concentration of colored pellet masterbatch is prepared, and then the masterbatch is uniformly mixed with the natural plastic particles to be colored, and then directly formed into a plastic part.

(1) Good dispersibility Masterbatch is a composite obtained by special processing of a colorant and a specific auxiliary agent. In the process of preparing the masterbatch, the colorant has been well pre-dispersed to avoid the presence of coarse particles of the colorant, thereby eliminating the appearance of color points in the colored plastic article; and between the masterbatch and the plastic particles. It is easy to stir evenly. When coloring with masterbatch, the uniformity of color of plastic products is better.

(2) Convenient use Because of the good mixing performance between the masterbatch and the plastic particles, it can be uniformly mixed by using common common mixing equipment or even manual mixing method, and the application is very convenient.

(3) The color difference masterbatch which helps to reduce the plastic product contains the carrier and other auxiliary agents in addition to the coloring agent, so the amount of the color masterbatch added to the unit plastic is larger than that of the ordinary coloring agent. Therefore, the relative error of the measurement is small, which helps to reduce the chromatic aberration at the time of coloring.

(4) The working conditions are better colored with masterbatch, the coloring agent has been combined with the carrier and granulated in the form of granules. When it is metered and mixed, it will not fly, so it will not pollute the environment, compared with dry coloring. , greatly improving working conditions.

(5) It is very convenient to change the color to use color masterbatch to color, which will not pollute the mixing equipment. When changing the color, the work of cleaning the mixing equipment can be omitted. Compared with dry coloring and paste coloring, it is time-saving. The advantages of labor saving.

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