Selection Requirements For The Use Of Pigment Carbon Black

With the rapid development of the carbon black industry, the use of pigment carbon black has become more and more extensive, and the technology is becoming more and more advanced. Many customers often do not know their own needs when purchasing, and they are not targeted, resulting in unsatisfactory results. How to choose a suitable pigment carbon black variety?


1. Coloring: Select pigment black with high blackness and small particle size, but make sure that the carbon black is properly and completely dispersed, otherwise it will run counter to the original requirements.

2. Color matching: Select pigment carbon black with low blackness, large particle size and easy dispersion.

3. Anti-ultraviolet use: It is mainly used in plastics and rubber and plastics. It chooses pigment carbon black with medium particle size and slightly higher structure, and their UV resistance is better.


Only knowing the specific effects of the pigment carbon black can be applied to the required fields, which is also the key to the production of pigmented carbon black. It should be clearly determined what kind of effect is desired for the pigment carbon black. Choosing, this will do more with less.