Printing Consumables Industry Conductive Carbon Black Application

With the improvement of the national economy and the high price of foreign original consumables, domestic independent research and development of printer consumables is still in a period of vigorous development. Among them, laser printers have been used conveniently, and currently occupy 70% of the domestic printing industry. Laser printing supplies are mainly toner cartridges. The imaging principle is the developing bias. Therefore, the accessories used in the toner cartridge cannot be separated from the semi-conductive components with suitable resistance.

The toner cartridge is a precision device. Physically, it requires a close fitting of various parts, and it also requires precision and fineness of each accessory. In terms of electrical properties of the material, it is required to conduct electricity uniformly, that is, the filler is uniformly dispersed.

At present, the printing consumables industry parts manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Guangdong. The conductive filler used is mainly carbon black. The key problem in the process of use is the dispersion of carbon black. The price of carbon black with good dispersion is expensive. In the fiercely competitive market, almost all manufacturers are looking for a carbon black with the most cost-effective.

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