How To Judge The Quality Of Black Masterbatch By Appearance

With the rapid development of the color masterbatch industry, the use of black masterbatch is gradually expanding. When purchasing, quality is the key. If the quality is not good, the products produced are naturally not good. How to judge the quality from the appearance?

How to judge the quality of black masterbatch by appearance?

1. Good quality black masterbatch gloss and moderate hardness. If the oil is too bright, it means that the oil is too much, and the gloss is bleak, indicating that the carrier is a return material or an excess of calcium carbonate.

2. Good quality black masterbatch with a bite, soft and brittle. Too soft indicates that the organic dispersant is too much, soft and loose, indicating that the carbon black concentration is low, and the calcium carbonate is more, the brittleness indicates that the carbon black content is too high, or the carrier is the return material.