General Use Of Carbon Black

It is mainly used as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber, and its consumption is about half of the rubber consumption. The carbon black for rubber accounts for 94% of the total carbon black, of which about 60% is used for tire manufacturing. In addition, it is also used as a coloring agent for inks, paints and plastics, and as an ultraviolet light shielding agent for plastic products. Many other products, such as electrodes, dry batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing pastes, are also important auxiliaries.


Carbon black for rubber, pigment carbon black and conductive carbon black:

Carbon black for rubber, such as tire industry, rubber seals, shock absorbing parts, etc., rubber products with a certain amount of carbon black can play a reinforcing and filling role to improve the performance of rubber products.

Pigment carbon black, mainly used in the ink, paint and other industries as a black pigment.

Conductive carbon black, using some of the low-resistance or high-resistance properties of carbon black, makes it a conductive carbon black in different products, such as conductive rubber, radio components, and the like.

Application of carbon black in the plastics industry·

Before you choose, you must determine its use, such as for coloring, UV protection, or electrical conduction.