Application Of Powdered Pigment Carbon Black?

The requirement of carbon black for paint is not limited to the role of coloring, but also has different indexes on oil absorption, water solubility, pH value, relative density, solvent resistance, weather resistance, non-toxic and pollution-free, and dispersibility. Claim.


Carbon black must be dispersed into the micro-particle state in accordance with optical properties during application. Carbon black is one of the pigments that are difficult to disperse in all pigments. Therefore, the dispersion of carbon black directly affects the blackness and hue of carbon black. And the ability to cover, directly affects the end user's use.


Powdered carbon black has better dispersibility than granular carbon black, and powdered carbon black is finer than granular carbon black. It can be said that the finer the carbon black, the more contact points between the carbon black aggregates, the greater the work to be done on the dispersion, to separate the carbon black particles, and finally achieve higher blackness and coloration. Compared with high-structure carbon black, low-structure carbon black is more likely to reach high concentrations, but it requires a large dispersing force during the dispersion process. The dispersion performance of carbon black is affected by the degree of structure. Since the high-structure carbon black has good dispersing properties, its coloring strength is naturally strong.


Powdered carbon black is used in the production of paints and inks to facilitate dispersion and increase the color strength, and it is preferred to select powdered carbon black in paint and ink production.