What are the differences between the special black mother and the universal color masterbatch?

The special black mother is a variety of plastics for the finished product specified according to the user's requirements. The general color masterbatch uses a certain resin as the carrier, and the general coloring has many shortcomings. What are the differences between the two?

1. The general color mastering result is less predictable, and the coloring will have a different color, while the special black mother has a good predictive effect and a strong coloring ability.

2. Universal color masterbatch affects the performance of plastic finished products, especially affecting the strength of the product, the product is easy to be deformed and twisted, and the special black mother generally does not affect the performance of the plastic, and the fusion effect is good.

3. Universal color masterbatch can be used because of its wide application, so the effect is not good, and the amount required for the same kind of product effect is much, it is easy to cause waste, and the special black mother is added for professional requirements, saving money and effort.