What are the benefits of pigment carbon black for paper making

Liquid carbon black also makes the finished paper even darker. The black pulp of paper making is produced by nanometer high pigment black with 130% coloring force and a specific surface area of more than 300 /g. The carbon black is dispersed fully, has stronger dyeing force, and the color phase is stable and the blackdegree is higher.

Direct addition of carbon black paper, occasionally there will be poor dispersion, uneven dyeing, black distribution of paper surface uneven distribution of problems, in the general paper is not affected, but if used for shading paper bags, this becomes the quality of its own problem. The highly dispersed high pigment carbon black in the color pulp has excellent dyeing effect. The nano carbon black particles in the paper are evenly distributed, colourable, solid and not easy to fade, fade and have higher quality.

In terms of saving resources, a part of the fine carbon black particles, which are dyed, floats around and pollutes the environment. A part of the coarse carbon black will sink at the bottom of the pool when the pulp is stirred, and it is washed out into black mud with the waste water, which seriously affects the treatment of sewage. And the active color paste carbon black can completely make the daughter-in-law dye it on paper fiber, without staining waste. In addition to its own role, saving time and saving electricity is also one of the advantages of carbon black pulp. Carbon black is insoluble in hydroelectric inorganic pigments. After pouring into the slurry pool, it will take about an hour to be completely wetted and pulp in the upper layer of the slurry pool. The color paste can be easily dispersed into the pulp tank and evenly dispersed in the pulp. Time saving, labor saving and electricity saving.

Ultimately, carbon black pulp has great advantages over carbon black in paper making and other aspects. You know, to achieve the same blackening effect, the amount and cost of the colorant used are 10-25% lower than that of carbon black. In addition to the economic benefits of time saving, power resources, artificial cost and quality improvement, the performance price ratio of black pulp is much higher than that of ordinary black carbon black.

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