Several reasons why black masterbatch is not black enough

Why does it cause the black masterbatch blackness to be insufficient? Some people will directly say that it is definitely not enough blackness. This is true, but it is not completely absolute. It may be part of the process, part of the method, part of the mistake, and There may be some small details. As a professional black masterbatch manufacturer, Jinzhen Color Masterbatch has found through statistical surveys in recent years that some customers will give us feedback that the black masterbatch blackness is not black enough, and there are several common reasons;

1, the materials used by customers are recycled materials: because the compatibility of recycled materials is much worse than the new materials, and the customers purchase some general-purpose black mothers with lower requirements. After testing, the general-purpose black masterbatch performance and recycled materials The possibility of performance deviation is relatively large, so the possibility of blackness is not enough black, and it is recommended that customers choose the corresponding black masterbatch according to the performance of raw materials.

2, the raw materials used by the customer can not match the performance of the black masterbatch taken by the customer; some customers use the modified material, but the black parent product he takes is universal, so naturally it is not right, because the color masterbatch The carrier itself is different from the modified material, so compatibility and diffusion problems occur, and the blackness is greatly reduced. (It is recommended that customers use modified special black masterbatch products for use)

3, customers habitually look at blackness; usually, when replacing raw material suppliers, many customers may prefer to look at the masterbatch blackness, while ignoring the carrier of black masterbatch, compatibility, diffusivity, in the customer After getting our black masterbatch, they will release the black mother according to the proportion they used before. The result will also lead to many problems. It may be diffuse, compatibility deviation, then the result is not enough blackness. (It is recommended that customers have a detailed understanding of each black masterbatch before purchasing black masterbatch, then go to the sampling test)