How to improve pvc color master fluidity

At first, a certain amount of plasticizer was added to improve the fluidity of PVC color masterbatch, thereby improving the dispersity of pigment. After many tests, it is found that the torque of Bula Bandel torque rheology curve has decreased. However, the dispersion of pigment is still higher than that of native material, although the dispersion of pigment in extruded material has improved, but it is still not ideal. From this, a certain degree of softness of PVC color masterbatch (particle requirement) has been achieved, and a suitable plasticizer has to be selected.

With the selection of different plastic agents, some PVC chroma with similar PVC rheological curves with imported color masterbatch were obtained, but in production experiments, although the dispersion of pigment was improved, the color flowered sometimes. Through research and analysis, it is considered that the selection and coordination of plasticizers only reduce the balance torque of PVC color masterbatch. This is because the plasticizer plays a solvation between the PVC polar groups, making the distance between the PVC molecules large, so the viscosity is reduced, but the dispersion of the pigment is not completely improved by the decrease of the viscosity of the PVC chroma, so the color flower phenomenon is still produced in the extrusion process. Therefore, we need to consider adding a pigment dispersant. For this reason, a pigment dispersant has been synthesized to solve the problem of color flower.