Regular Color Carbon Black

  • Low Halogen Carbon Black
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    Low Halogen Carbon Black

    High color carbon black ,this grade carbon black is showing high performance in tinting strength and blackness value. For Furnace processing, in a hermetic furnace, liquid hydrocarbons (anthracene oil) as raw material with right amount of air, forming airtight turbulence system in the reacting...Read More
  • Environment Friendly Carbon Black
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    Environment Friendly Carbon Black

    enviromental friendly carbon black HS190 specialty carbon black is regular color furnace process black (RCG) P represents powder form. B represents pellet form. 1. Performance Features ● Good jetness & tinting strength ● Good glossiness & fluidity ● Easy-to-disperse ● Blue undertone 2....Read More
  • Low PAHS Carbon Black
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    Low PAHS Carbon Black

    Product Name: low PAHS carbon black Equ. Special Black Countertype: (DEGUSSA) 40L,50L ; (CABOT) Black Pearls 800; CAS No.: 1333-86-4 EINECS NO.: 215-609-9 Molecular Weight: 12.00 Chemical Formula: C Structural Formula: C Product Name: low PAHS carbon black Equ. Special Black Countertype:...Read More
  • PVC Carbon Black
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    PVC Carbon Black

    All three grades of carbon black can be widely applied in all kinds of engineering plastics such as: PE,PP,PVC,ABS,PBT,PC,PS,ETC. And it can be also apllied in filed of powder painting, ink,masterbatch,conductive materials,etc... Carbon black Carbon black (subtypes are acetylene black, channel...Read More
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